Festival Internacional Alfonso Ortiz Tirado
A brief rundown of its history

After the inaguration of the Manners and Customs of Sonora museum in 1984, the State Department of Museums of the Sonora State Government came up with the idea of holding a festivity in honor of Alamos doctor and Tenor Alfonso Ortiz Tirado.

A year later, on January 24 th , the birthday of Dr. Tirado, a musical and literary evening was held on the museum’s auditorium with an audience of one hundred in attendance; the very next year the event was repeated, with a great influx of new attendees who crowded the seats and hallways of the auditorium. In 1987, and again in 1988, the event was held on January 24 th , with the audience crowding the seats and hallways, in addition to an adyacent patio where seats and speakers where set up. This first four years, the performing artists came from Hermosillo and the neighboring town of Navojoa.

Due to the success of these evening events and the increase in attendance, in 1989 the festivities were held in the central courtyard of the Municipal Palace, a XIX century building. Interestingly enough, a month earlier in december, 1988, the Sonoran Institute of Culture was created by decree.

In 1990, the evening event -which was originally called Remembranzas- was held for three days and changed its name to Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival.

In 1991, the festivities were held for five days, and then for 10 days on the next two years; since 1994 to the present day, the festival has a duration of nine days.

Since 2004, outstanding artists such as musicians, composers, and singers -both national and international- have been awarded the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado medal; young talented performes and teachers have also been recognized, in order to encourage promising careers in the field of music and to stimulate those who would bequeath their knowledge to us.

FAOT International, as it has been called since 2007, has extended its program since its first years to the counties in the center and south of the state of Sonora, with variant shows promoted by the different state's administrations at the time.

Now on its 33 rd edition since its original inception, FAOT 2017 will return to the cities and counties of Cajeme, Guaymas, Hermosillo, Huatabampo, Navojoa, and Puerto Peñasco; in addition, for the first time ever it will host shows to promote Sonora talent in the cities of Todos Santos, B.C., Mexico city, and Tucson, Arizona.